Red Wine Speri Vigneto Sant’Urbano Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2017. Decant 1 hour before serving. The Speri family have been making wine in the Valpolicella region for seven generations, with a legacy stretching back to the first half of the 1800s. Today they have some 60 hectares of vines which are carefully tended by three generations of the family. In order to preserve the land in optimum condition for future generations of Speris, the property is farmed organically and using sustainable practices wherever possible. This classic single vineyard Amarone begins life in the Speri family’s Monte Sant’Urbano plot which sits at an altitude of up to 350 metres above sea level. The land here is planted with old vines as well as plenty of olive and cherry trees which help ensure biodiversity. The soils here are volcanic with basalt, limestone and schist which flavours aromatic and rich wines balanced by freshness and verve. Once in the winery the grapes destined for this Amarone are carefully selected and sorted before being left to dry out and become like raisins over the winter. This helps to concentrate the flavours in the finished wine. Expect intense notes of dark cherry, wild berries and plenty of spiced notes from the lengthy oak ageing.

Red Wine Speri Vigneto Sant'Urbano Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2017


Red Wine Speri Vigneto Sant’Urbano Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2017

Red Wine Standish Shiraz 2017. Decant 1 hour before serving. Dan Standish’s family have been living and working in the Barossa Valley for six generations. So it was only natural that he would want to found his very own winery here in 1999 while working as winemaker for the well-known Torbreck estate. Inspired by his previous work in France’s Rhone Valley, Dan began the project with an old parcel of Shiraz vines which had been farmed by his father. Dan’s magnificent wines skillfully capture the beauty of the local Barossa terroir as well as refined Old World approach to winemaking. His speciality is Shiraz, like this exceptional bottling which is made from specially selected parcels and fermented using wild yeasts. The young wine is then left to mature in used oak barrels for 32 months before bottling. Bursting with ripe cassis, raspberries and blackberries along with undertones of licorice and dried herbs, this punchy red is a great partner for red meat dishes such as a T-bone steak, roast lamb, or a hearty beef stew. It can also be kept in the cellar for a few more years thanks to the robust full body, firm tannins, and intense dark fruit flavours.

Red Wine Standish Shiraz 2017


Red Wine Standish Schubert Theorem Shiraz 2017. Decant 1 hour before serving. Dan Standish is widely recognised as one of the Barossa Valley’s finest winemakers thanks to his visionary work at Torbreck winery. In 1999 he decided to found his own winery here based around an ancient parcel of vines that had previously been owned and farmed by his father. His approach to winemaking is heavily influenced by his experiences in the Rhone Valley, combining Old World techniques with the stunning terroir of the Barossa Valley. Dan only sells his very finest wines under the Standish label, with as much as 80% of the original blend sold off to other producers if it does not meet his exacting standards. This stunning Shiraz is a great example of Dan’s winemaking talent. It’s made from old Shiraz vines and vinified and aged in a combination of concrete eggs and French oak to add polish while showcasing the beauty of the fruit. Luscious cassis, blackberries and dark cherry dominate on the nose, followed by undertones of baking spice, sweet licorice, and woodsmoke. The first sip reveals a robust full body, firm tannins, and a long finish with plenty of ripe berry notes and hints of dark chocolate and ground coffee. After a few more years in the cellar you can expect the tannins to soften and extra complexity to develop, although it’s also a stunning bottle to pair with hearty barbecued ribs or a prime steak.

Red Wine Standish Schubert Theorem Shiraz 2017